Audi Lease Return Center Near Hilton Head Island, SC

Audi Hilton Head is your Audi lease return center in the Hardeeville area. We're happy to assist you with the Audi lease return process, regardless of if you leased your vehicle with us originally. You have a few options to consider before the end of your lease. You can turn in your current Audi vehicle to Audi Hilton Head and lease or purchase a new Audi model, or purchase and keep your current Audi vehicle.

Below we've provided more information on each available option. We have also outlined how to return your vehicle and have it inspected for excess wear and use if you don't plan on keeping it.

Your Lease-End Options

Option 1: Turn In Your Vehicle

Complete the following steps to complete you lease.

  1. Review your vehicle's condition.
  2. Schedule your inspection.
  3. Turn in your vehicle to Audi Hilton Head.
  4. Browse our new inventory to find your next Audi.

Option 2: Purchase Your Vehicle

If you're not ready to part ways with your Audi, you can purchase it instead of turning it in.

  1. Contact Audi Hilton Head to get a payoff quote and instructions on how to purchase your vehicle.
  2. Apply for financing online through our secure online Finance Center.

Review Your Vehicle for Wear and Use

If you choose to return your vehicle, you can be billed for any excess wear or damage that occured during your lease. Some vehicle wear and use is expected. The following outlines what we consider "normal" versus "excess" wear.


Normal Wear and Use:

Audi Wear and Use Guide being used to measure scratch
  • Chips, scratches, and dents smaller than 2 inches on bumper or panel
Small ding in car fender
  • Fewer than three "dings" per panel
  • Dents smaller than 2 inches on bumper or panel
Audi windshield
  • Single windshield chip without spidering

Excess Wear and Use:

Audi Wear and Use Guide being used to measure a large scratch
  • Scratches, dents, gouges, and chips larger than 2 inches on bumper or panel
  • More than three "dings" per panel (a ding is the size of a quarter or smaller, without broken paint)
Large chip in car paint
  • Improperly completed body repairs (i.e., mismatched paint, sanding marks and incomplete dent removals)
  • Multiple dents, scratches, or chips per body panel
Chipped car windshield
  • Chipped, cracked, or heavily pitted glass, or improperly tinted windows


Normal Wear and Use:

Audi interior seat with all owner's manuals and keys
  • Minor staining and carpet wear
  • All original equipment present including the owner's manual, all sets of keys, airbags, CD player, navigation CDs, and the convertible top cover (if applicable)

Excess Wear and Use:

Large cut in car interior upholstery
  • Upholstery holes, tears, burns
  • Excessive staining of the upholstery, carpet, or interior panels
  • Damage to convertible top


Normal Wear and Use:

Audi engine
  • All equipment, options, and accessories are intact and working

Excess Wear and Use:

Audi dashboard with check engine lights
  • Service indicator lights are on indicating maintenance or repair is needed (i.e., check engine light, airbag light, etc.)

Wheels & Tires

Normal Wear and Use:

Audi Wear and Use Guide measuring tire tread life
  • All four tires and the spare have more than 1/8 inch of tread at the shallowest point
  • Tires are same size and quality as the original equipment
Edge of Audi wheel
  • Minor steel or alloy wheel scuffs
Minor scratches on Audi wheel
  • Multiple, mixed tires are acceptable for Audi vehicles not equipped with quattro® all-wheel drive as long as they are the same size and quality as original equipment
  • Audi vehicles equipped with quattro® all-wheel drive must have matching brand, size, and rating on all tires

Excess Wear and Use:

Audi Wear and Use Guide measing bald tire tread
  • One or more tires, including the spare, have less than 1/8 inch of tread at the shallowest point
Heavily scratched Audi wheel
  • Heavily gouged steel or alloy wheels
Bent Audi wheel
  • Retreads, snow tires, gouged tires, or tires with cut or plugged sidewalls
  • Unrepairable steel wheels or alloy wheels that are broken, missing, or bent

Schedule Your Vehicle Inspection

Before turning in vehicle, you will need to have a third party inspect your vehicle for excess wear. You can schedule an inspection appointment by logging in to or by calling the inspection company, SGS, at (855) 237-1504. Appointments are available Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and can be scheduled at your home or work, as long as someone 18 years or older is present.

During the inspection, an SGS agent will evaluate your vehicle for any excess wear and use. Upon completion, you will receive an inspection condition report, which itemizes any excess wear. To view a sample of this report, log in to Any excess wear will be billed on your Turn-In Settlement Invoice (unless you choose to repair the items at our Audi Service Center prior to turn-in).

If repairs are completed, please email the receipt along with proof of payment to or fax to (800) 824-8284 before returning the vehicle-this will allow time to adjust your Turn-In Settlement Invoice. If you have any questions regarding the inspection process, you can always call us at 843-962-9517.

Inspection Checklist

  • Clean your vehicle inside and out
  • Make sure all items are present:
    • All keys
    • Owner and service manuals
    • Headrests
    • Navigation discs (if applicable)
    • Cargo covers (if applicable)

To Schedule Your Inspection...

Log in to or call SGS at (855) 237-1504.

Turn In Your Vehicle

Once your inspection and desired repairs are completed, turn in your vehicle and prepare for your next Audi experience. Here's how:

  • Contact Audi Hilton Head to set up a turn-in appointment.
  • After you've returned your vehicle to Audi Hilton Head, log in to to complete our vehicle return form or by calling (866) 277-8191. You'll receive a final Turn-In Settlement Invoice from us within four weeks.

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